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Here you will find articles and information about subjects of the paranormal. From ghosts to polterghiests. From crop circles to UFOs.

What is Paranormal Phenomenon?
Paranormal Phenomenon is an observed phenomenon for which there cannot be any suitable explernation found in the form of scientific or biological science to justify that event.
Vampires have been around us for centuries, they exist in true life and also not forgetting in British and Hollywood films. This will tell you a little more about the notorious vampire
Many people will associate tarot cards with psychics and gypsies. Though that may be correct but do you really know where Tarot Originated?
This article will briefly take a glimpse into a past so horrid. Of haunting tales and ghastly ends that awaited so many of her most famous occupants.
This article is all about ghost hunting. It explains all the things you need to know about how to hunt for ghosts
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