Vampires have been around us for centuries, they exist in true life and also not forgetting in British and Hollywood films. The first ever account of a man who was supposedly to be known as a vampire was named Vlad The Impaler. The reason why he was given the impression of being a vampire was because of his blood thirsty obsession. During a certain battle he was fighting he scared off the rest his rivals by demanding that the dead corpses of his rivals were collected and mutilated. His men once they collected the bodies cut off there limbs and heads and mounted there body parts including there heads on spears high up so his rivals could see there rotting corpses hang while the ravens and crows would feed on there parts. Vlad stood behind thousands of putrefying corpses and gazed on beyond a sea of blood at his rivals. His rivals looked on in shear terror and fled, and that was the last Vlad had seen of them.

Vampires also exist in nature in hot countries as vampire bats, they are distinctive bats with there large pointy noses sticking out. They use these noses to seek there prey which are mainly farm animals, but they have been known to attack humans. Vampire bats do not kill there victims in anyway because if anything they want preserve there victims for later feedings, though they can weaken them by drinking to much blood. The only way they can kill there victims is sadly by rabies, so it his not the vampire bat that kills it is the rabies they carry which his passed on by flees which get in there fur coats. Local farmers have been attacking and killing vampire bats to extinction thinking that they are the reason of the deaths of there livestock but what is killing them is rabies. Scientists and conservationists have been going to see these farmers explaining the real reason behind the deaths of there livestock. Also they have being giving vaccinations to there farm animals against rabies. With the co operations between the local farmers and conservationists the vampire bat is slowly making a come back.

As we all fully know on this next subject vampires are famous in many British and Hollywood films. In films vampires are portrayed as ruthless killers going out at night finding there victims on a hunting spree drinking there blood in an blood thirsty frenzy. Bizarrely some film makers make there films in a erotic way portraying young attractive women lying in bed in slinky gowns awaiting the encounter with a good looking Count Dracula. This might be classed as some sort of fetish or fantasy that some people have, strange but true. This sort of portrayal has been going on in most vampire films since the very first vampire film was made. In all vampires are here to stay whether we like it or not. They will continue to exist in films, books, posters even in real life, they are everywhere here to stay.
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